Mecatherm : designer, manufacturer


MECATHERM develops, produces and installs ovens, equipments and automated production lines for industrial bakery products around the world.

Over the years, MECATHERM has continuously diversified its manufacturing process from its status as baguette specialist ; today the company produces machines with a dough capacity of up to 3 tons per hour : not only for baguettes, but also for the production of rolls, puff pastry, laminated dough, etc.

World leader in its field, MECATHERM accelerated its growth by increasing its export share, now representing more than 80 % of its business.

MECATHERM's steady development is essentially based on a strong R&D department, continuously innovating in terms of technology and process in order to answer and even anticipate the needs of a worldwide market in constant evolution.

The Company is organized into strategic poles

  • The Research & Development pole :
    • With engineers and technicians dealing with oven developments , make-up equipments and other machines composing the lines.
    • With, available within the plant, a test bakery (4 fully automated lines) for the development of new products and processes.
    • A measurement laboratory.
  • The Industry pole :
    Which manages the supply, assembly, quality up to the installation on site by skilled technicians teams that operate on all continents.

    The customer pole :
    • A sales department internationally active, with a "projects piloting" which follows the customer from the order until the end of the warranty period with one single contact.
    • Teams of engineers and programmers for the jobsites start-up.
    • The after sales department and customer support.

These three poles of excellence allows all company collaborators to have a clear vision of their missions and our customers to have their crews fully mobilized on their own missions.

The test bakery, especially used for the R&D department, equipped with four fully automated production lines, is at our customers' disposal along with our sales team to help bringing the lines projects in a well documented way.

You are invited, Dear Customer, to come and use our test bakery : it is a validation tool absolutely essential to secure your decisions.

Key dates

1964 founding of MECATHERM ; creation of the first multi-deck Tunnel Oven
1972 first automated production line with proofer and multi-deck Tunnel Oven
1985 first automated production line for "frozen" production
1990 first specialized automated production line for "par-baked frozen" production
1995 invention of the modular concept
2000 development of the MEGALINE concept
2005 invention of the Tunnel Oven with BBBTM "Bottom Bake Booster" : first combined Tunnel Oven hearth/tray
2006 Invention of the « TraDivider » divider
2010 Development of the MECAFLOW

The Direction :

Olivier SERGENT,

Deputy Managing Director

Vincent HECKMANN ensures the Financial Direction of the Group 

Cyril MUNSCH is Sales Director
René TONNELIER, Director of Operations
Dominique BUCHER,  Research and Development Director

Contact details and location map

Headquarter and plant : FRANCE - Near Strasbourg - 67130 Barembach

Mailing address : Route du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny
Barembach F 67133 SCHIRMECK Cedex

Tel.: +33 (0)3 88 47 43 00
Fax: +33 (0)3 88 47 43 03

E-mail :

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